Pipe Support Brackets / Clamps

Pipe Support Brackets / Clamps
Metal Framing Systems (Unistrut style) - Pipe Support Bracket / Clamps

Pipe Support Brackets / ClampsThere are 82 products.


  • Space Saver Clip

    Space Saver Clip suitable for use with Unistrut and Oglaend Clamps

  • Quick-fix Clamps

    Quick-fix Clamps suitable for use with Unistrut and Oglaend Clamps

  • Stainless Steel Munsen Type Boss Pipe clips

    Sometimes called Munsen rings, bossed pipe clamps are very similar to a two bolt pipe clip, but with threaded boss attached. The threaded boss allows the pipe clamp to be fixed to a base plate via a length of studding. The added advantage is the matrix – connect multiple clamps together in different orientations allows for great flexibility.

  • Light duty saddle/guide clamps (Non-gripping)

    Light duty saddle clamps (non-gripping). These are used when it is desirable to have a looser fit to allow some movement. Movement could be thermal or mechanical (perhaps a vibration or thermal expansion when hot fluids are passed through the pipe).

  • Light duty anchor clamps (Gripping)

    Light duty anchor clamps (Gripping) - These are used when the pipe requires a tight clamping to restrict all movements. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 82 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 82 items