Metric U-Bolts
A range of U-bolts with metric thread for clamping pipes, tubes, handrails and more

Metric U-Bolts

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British Standard gripping U-bolts

Our British Standard U-bolts conform to BS 3974 Part 1. Gripped type (1100 series) are used where it is necessary to hold the pipe in all directions

British Standard Non gripping U-bolts
Our British Standard U-bolts conform to BS 3974 Part 1. These Non-Gripped type (1101 series) are used where it is undesirable to restrict longitudinal movement
Light Pattern Gripped U-Bolts
Light Pattern U-bolts are designed around British Standard pipe sizes and are a Gripped (Anchor style) used for lighter applications where there are budgetary restrictions.
Extended leg Non-Gripped U-Bolts
The extended leg range are designed around British Standard pipe sizes. They are classed as a non-grip U-bolt
Graphskill Standard U-Bolts
Graphskill Standard U-Bolts - General U-bolts not specifically designed around British Standard Pipe sizes
Anti-Vibration Rubber Lined U-Bolts
Anti-Vibration Rubber Lined U-Bolts Advantages: Reduce or eliminate noise and fatigue due to vibration of pipework against the support structure Prevention of galvanic corrosion Prevention of wear and crushing of composite, thin wall or non-ferrous pipework
Insulating Rubber Lined U-Bolts
Normal Rubber temperature range -20C to +110C Used to prevent galvanic corrosion due to the contact of dissimilar metals in the presence of an electrolyte. Also, for the prevention of wear and / or crushing of composite, thin wall or non ferrous pipework
Low friction, non grip, anti-vibration u-bolts (Patent Pending)

These ubolts have been developed to enable pipes to be securely guided with a minimum of friction so safe-guarding the pipe from expansion & contraction wear due to temperature changes; whilst also reducing the noise & vibration of the pipe.

They are fitted with a gap between the ubolt and the pipe enabling the pipe to expand & contract yet keeping it fully guided in position.

The rubber base pad acts to reduce the noise & vibration of the pipes as they carry their fluid and it is fitted with a PTFE strip to reduce the friction and hence protects the pipe as it expands & contracts. The pad also contains a metal spacer for the U-bolt legs to go through giving strength to the pad, and a firm anchor for fastening the nuts at the required position.

The patented-pending ubolt sleeve is a low friction silicone rubber which rotates around the ubolt to enable the pipe to move unrestricted but be fully guided in position on the supporting framework.

These are a much cheaper and more reliable solution to the conventional rubber lined ubolts which have PTFE bonded to the inside surface of the rubber coated ubolt.

Although Ubolts with the PTFE strip bonded to the rubber profile around the ubolts have been in common use for many years, they are prone to the PTFE separating from the rubber due to the difference in the expansion coefficient of the rubber and the PTFE. This problem is eliminated by Graphskill’s unique solution of a single medium with minimal friction

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