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U-Bolt ID (mm) (Between the Legs)

14 - 150

U-Bolt Inside Height (mm)

21 - 115

Nominal Bore (mm)

Pipe OD (mm)

0 - 115

Centers C (mm)

20 - 164


Backing plates

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Backing plates
Backing plates for U-bolts and Square Bolts

Backing plates There are no products in this category.


  • Backing Plate for...
    Backing Plate for British Standard Gripping U-Bolt (1100 Series)
  • Backing Plate for...
    Backing Plate for British Standard Non-Gripping U Bolt (1101 Series)
  • Backing Plate -...
    Backing Plate for extended leg or light pattern U-Bolt (1102 & 1103 Series)
  • Backing plates for...
    Backing plates for Square Bolts
  • Slotted Backing plates
    Slotted Backing plates suitable for U-bolts and C-bolts (square bolts). made in T316 stainless steel. The slot means that the plate fits more than one u-bolt To find a match, look at the u-bolt thread and inside diameter measurements. For example M10 thread and 50 mm inside diameter (between the legs). Then look for the M10 backing plate that has an inside diameter range of 42 - 58